Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009
The journey...
Ok, I know that if you are my facebook friend, I have been teasing you, on purpose :-)
I am going to go back a few months to give you a bit of background.
Jacob, our youngest son, had a fairly large mole on the right side of his nose and we began the process of removal in June. It was advised by doctors because they were concerned for it changing to cancer later. So, it would take 3 surgeries to complete it putting the next one to be over Christmas break. Well, Trevor's job was unionized and we were forced to find our own independant medical insurance in November. We were running into all kinds of problems. His surgery was a preexisting condition and most independant insurances do not allow that. The coverage would be $500 per month for the 3 of us, offering NO coverage at all for Jacob.Resulting in no insurance for him, meaning no surgery coverage. We would have to pay for it out of our pocket. That would be about $20,000.

The cost of an adoption.

We started this long journey of an adoption 2 years ago and keep hitting detour signs. NOT stop signs but detour signs....until recently, so we thought. We have 2 adoption agencies, one in Nebraska and one in Alabama. The cost of an adoption in Alabama is about $20,000. Hmmm, surgery for the child God has already entrusted to us, or adoption. We prayed and prayed about what to do. Feeling led to pull out our profile from Alabama for awhile, making the wait longer, seemed to be what God had laid on our hearts. So, January 9 I tearfully called the social worker in Alabama to tell her what was going on and this was her prayer for us, "We at Lifeline will be praying that God does something amazing so Jacob can have his surgery."

Hold on, I know this is long but it is so amazing!!

Little did we know that the week prior to me calling Lifeline to pull our profile, Christian Services of Oklahoma, who we have had NO dealings with, called our Nebraska social worker and says this,"We have an African American baby due in a few weeks without any families willing to adopt it within our agency. Do you?" Our social worker said that yes she had a few and without telling us, sent our profile down to Oklahoma for viewing. All this had gone on during the time we were praying about what to do with Alabama...Our social worker did not tell us because we have had so many heartbreaks with birth mothers viewing our profile and picking someone else so she didn't want to have to tell us if the birth mother picked someone us. BUT...she picked us!!!
We got the call on the January 13. God totally knew what He was doing by leading us to call Alabama because he was already at work somewhere else! The baby is due to be born somewhere during the week of the 26th but they think she will deliver this week. Then we wait a week to 10 days for them to get a court date to go before the judge to relinguish their rights to us and we go down the Oklahoma. We can be with the baby while the Interstate Compact does all their paper work allowing us to take the baby over state lines and we then head home, as a family of 5! I have to add, as much as I do not like this thought, that the birthmother and father have the time from delivery to the date for court to change their minds and keep the baby. If that happens we have to trust God in that He knew that was how the story was going to end and we may never know why He lead us down this path but our faith still lies in Him to do His will, not ours.

But wait, there's more...

On the 14th, we signed the rider for the policy of insurance excluding Jacob, for $500 a month. Sent that off. On the 15th, we got paper work for Cobra continuation insurance. I called them to see if the information on the paperwork is accurate; that it is a continuation of our old insurance, NO exclusions for 18 months, $233.38 per month, and can add an adopted child for no additional cost! So, that means Jacob gets his surgery and he has coverage for $217 less per month than the other policy. SO, we cancelled the other one and jumped right on that one.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the cost of this adoption is $9000 and not $20,000!!!

After I told a sweet friend of mine this story, she said, "For the past 3 weeks, I have been praying that God would WOW your family."

And believe me, He is certainly wowing us! Thanks for enduring this long story but I wanted all of you to read the FULL story. There is so much that has gone on the passed 2 years, but I will spare you all those details. :-)


Kim said...
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Kim said...

You probably already know about this, but I just read in World magazine (Nov 1/8 2008) today about the tax credit for adoptive parents - $11,650. It's not available until after the adoption takes place, but still.... If you want any more info about it I think you'll find helpful people at,, or

We are so excited for your upcoming Bittner addition and are praying for you all as the transition to 5 occurs!

Sharon said...

We Praise God with you!!

Thanks for letting us hear your wonderful news, and we will pray God brings it all to completion soon with our baby in your arms!