Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009

Things have been busy in our household! Mariah has been sick with an ear infection and then RSV. We had to take her to Children's Hopital last Friday where they gave her breathing treatments and sent us home with a nebulizer to do them on our own at home. Thankfully she had been drinking just enough to keep her little body hydrated so she didn't have to be admitted to the hospital. Thankfully she is better and on the mend! She is much happier and feeling better. She definately is relieved that I don't have to suck snot out her nose! :-)

Then on April 2nd, Jacob had his second surgery on his birthmark. Because of Mariah's RSV, one of us had to stay home with her and one of us went to the hopital with Jacob. Trevor went with Jacob. The surgery itself went well however he came out of surgery with a cornial abrasion (scratched eye). Needless to say we were not too happy about that, plus it caused more pain. After the surgery, Trevor had to take him to this eye doctor and have it examined to see how bad it was and how they would treat was minor-treated with ointment. Just to add to Jacob's pain...SO, he has about 15-20 stitches under the skin and approximately 20 above the skin. He will have to have one more. They were unable to take it all this time. Our plastic surgeon is amazing. He wants to take his time to make it look good! After all this is on Jacob's face! Jacob is a trooper and has a HIGH pain tolerance. His face is pretty swollen but that is all part of the game.

Cody has a car! We found him a 1994 Toyota Camry. It is old but a good little cruiser! That is hard to believe that he drives himself now...He doesn't need us as much anymore. But, that is all part of the game, too, huh? They tend to grow up.

As for us, Kim and Trevor, we are good. We are a little tired from all the excitement here at the Bittner household but we know it is all going to get easier now that Mariah is feeling better and Jacob is healing. We pray for Cody as he goes out on the road alone driving and trust God for his protection.

We feel very blessed to have this life.